Alp-Maritimes Training Ideology
The sport of diving is constantly evolving and changing. Just over a decade ago the wisdom of the day for recreational divers said: back floatation B.C.'s would drown you, twin cylinders would bend you, monsters below 130 feet would eat you and any gas except air was a "Voodoo Gas" from Satan. Still there were those who did not buy the "wisdom": they questioned, experimented, explored and pushed the envelope. Today there is virtually no area of sport diving that has not had a positive and ongoing effect from technical diving.

We are a full service diver training company operating worldwide, which was formed to answer a need for enhanced diver training at all levels. Now you can source all course needs from novice to mixed gas from one outstanding institution. No matter if you are a novice, instructor or seasoned tech diver, you are no longer obliged to search the market of training facilities, Alp-Maritimes offers you "one stop" shopping. We can deliver all the basics and prerequisites for your chosen course, be it a mission specific "apex course" or a personal development adventure.
We are committed to providing the most comprehensive task oriented training possible. This is accomplished by providing a greatly enhanced curriculum, with information drawn from multiple international, scientific, commercial and military sources. Our courses are always evolving to reflect the latest in developments as they become available
Looking Forward
or declassified, from the latest in decompression theory and modeling to the best tested equipment configurations. The academic material provided, along with aquatic training exceed the standards of the industry at large and this sets us apart in almost every aspect from main stream diver training agencies. Our goal is not to provide divers with quick, easy under prepared certifications but to make them fully qualified to actually make the types of dives they want to. On the other hand, we do not rely on endless courses which try and "theoretically" cover all situations, our courses will train you in real life scenarios, in which we will coach you to think rather than try and memorize some hypothetical solution.

Like us, participants must demonstrate a positive, open- minded attitude towards lifestyles, physical fitness, cutting edge training, and equipment selection/configuration. All participants wishing to engage in training beyond the recreational level must have a commitment to excellence.

While our training ideology may appear challenging we know that anything less is not constructive for our students. We believe that a student wishing to receive the best training possible, not the quick fix, will appreciate our approach to diver training